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In Contemporary Oshi-e, I have often asked myself - "Hmmm, "Why not try...?"

Welcome to Cloud Haven Studio! The home of Contemporary Oshi-e (pronounced oh-she-a). This is my version of an ancient craft from Japan that I have updated. Here are some of those "light bulb moments" in my Contemporary Oshi-e journey have taken me - and now you - on a creative journey that, five decades later, is still unfolding. Come join the fun and buy the book, or take the mini course!

What is Oshi-e?

Simply, all oshi-e is made from a design cut from mat board, backing board or cardboard. Individual pieces are then padded with quilt batting, wrapped with fabric, and re-assembled with glue, much like a jigsaw puzzle.

Traditional¬†Oshi-e¬† ‚ě§

In Traditional Oshi-e, the artwork is usually framed, and a frequent theme is Kabuki characters, like this Lion Dancer from the play Renjishi.  These elegant, yet stylized "dolls" are usually presented under glass.

⬅ Contemporary Oshi-e

In Contemporary Oshi-e, ANY subject or image can be portrayed, ANY kind of fabrics or pliable materials can be used, and it can be made in ANY size. In Java Jive, this 1940's lady is having her morning coffee. She is about 10" high, and is made with wool and velvet. 

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Word is getting out about my upcoming book, to be released in January!

Coming out in January 2024!

LEVELS 1 & 2

Soon the be published by Amazon Hub,  this 150 page, full-color treasure is filled with projects, patterns and step-by-step instructions. The history of traditional
oshi-e and Wendy's story are also richly detailed. 


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Wendy visits with Anne La Folette, a Surface Pattern Designer, Online Course Creator and Mentor to Wendy! Anne is the owner of "The Pattern Design Academy" and hosts an Atelier for her graduates‚ÄĒ Wendy is one of them. Here, they talk about Contemporary Oshi-e and Wendy's creative journey..


Classes & Workshops

I am now preparing a schedule of classes for fall of this  year - 2023  - and all of 2024. If you, your shop or organization is interested, please click on this link for MORE info:

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Hi, I'm Wendy. Here is a little about me, written by a friend:

"Do you ever wonder about the person behind the website? I do. Above all, I want that person to be truthful, reliable and enthusiastic.

Wendy is my friend, so I know that she possesses these characteristics in abundance. If she tells you that the project you are working on will give you a beautiful result, it will. If she tells you that she provides all the help you need, she does! As for her enthusiasm, I am the most non-artsy person she knows, but somehow her excitement for this project has rubbed off on me. I enjoy spending hours with her while she explains to me exactly what her goals are for all of her endeavors.

Enjoy your time with Wendy. Not only is she truthful, reliable and enthusiastic, she is America’s number one expert in Contemporary Oshi-e AND she’s a ton of fun. You are going to have a great time!"

Jeannie Shearer
University Educator, Economics

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