Over the years, Wendy has taught hundreds of eager students, and each project was unique. Everyone was encouraged to put their "stamp" on their work, and many clever ideas appeared! It is fun to create your own original art, to keep or gift. Contemporary Oshi-e has so many possibilities!

"During my tenure as the Executive Director of the Clifton Forge School of the Arts, I was intrigued and impressed by the uniqueness of Wendy Duke’s beautiful Contemporary Oshi-e. We were eager to add Wendy to our faculty! Her background as a successful artist, educator, and arts administrator was evident in the high quality of her course format and marketing materials, and the interactive nature of her Open House presentation. Her skill in working with color, texture, and fabrics is at the highest level. As a teacher she is extremely organized but not inflexible. She is a warm, effective instructor whose intrinsic expertise in teaching and learning helps students discover the art within. "

Laura Rainone
Former Director, Clifton Forge School of the Arts, Clifton Forge VA

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