Wendy has explored many kinds of art and craft forms over the decades. This is a small sampler of her art. Many of these images are available as prints in the store!

"As an Artist in mixed media for over 30 years, I have discovered a prevalent misconception that “ Not everyone is an Artist.”  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  We are ALL Artists every day with the decisions we make on how we dress ourselves, how our homes look, our meals are prepared, and innovations we discover at work.  Art stems from creativity and your creativity surrounds you.  This is a view that I have shared with Wendy Duke, a dear friend and collaborator on many shows and installations over the years.  Her talents are many.  Her work exquisite.  Her biggest strength, her ability to intuitively know how to teach a class of a myriad of people and backgrounds, and allow them to find their creativity.  She is able to take people through the steps, and their doubts, to creating beautiful artwork.   Wendy makes every one feel at ease, and through her many years of experience in numerous media, knows the path to letting go of doubt and going for it.  A very special teacher, Artist, Friend and Woman. "

Elizabeth Kosterich
Elizabeth Kosterich LLC
, Contemporary Original Jewelry Artist
, Maryland

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