Here is a selection of artwork created by Wendy Christine Duke. Many images began as a photograph, a drawing, or a memory. Translating an image into fabric and found materials is part of the excitement of creating Contemporary Oshi-e. Wendy is still exploring the possibilities this art form offers, even after five decades of investigation.


"I have known Wendy for 30 years, professionally and personally. I participated in her Cool Things at Cool Springs seasonal gift shop years ago. I have also taken many classes she has offered, the most recent was Contemporary Oshi-e. Her involvement with students is wonderful! Everyone felt comfortable and at ease. Wendy is knowledgeable about the different styles of learning, and provides support for all. She is detail-oriented, her kits use wonderful quality products. The class setup has all one would need so everything runs smoothly. I was watching her closely to see how she handled students who were apprehensive: her encouragement for success and enjoyment while learning was spot on. What I loved about her class was how she worked with me, the wild one with a determined independent style. She quickly adapted to my vision of where I wanted to go. It was great to see the finished product of the whole class, all were excited with their new found creative expression. I would highly recommend exploring your creative ability with Wendy. "

Rebecca Dale
Rebecca Dale Art - "The Creative Wanderer"

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