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• NO Sewing: just glue
• NO Drawing: trace patterns
• 2-3 hours per project
• Stash Buster: what you have
• Self-Paced: your speed

This is the beginning of your journey. Find out if you enjoy creating using this modern twist on an ancient art/craft. Contemporary Oshi-e offers a world of nearly endless possibilities to try, each LEVEL is built upon the one before. Before you know it, you will have wonderful finished projects to  gift or to use at home, for the holidays, in your journals or scrapbooks, and even as pins for coats and more.

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You Gotta Have HEART

To make the process as straightforward as possible, all students begin by making HEARTS. There are just two pieces in the first project. The next three projects each have three pieces.

While working, you will discover the 4-STEP process used in ALL construction, from the simplest to the most complex. As you progress through all the projects in this LEVEL 1 Course, you will see how amazingly diverse Contemporary Oshi-e is!

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Build On What You Learn

With each project in LEVEL 1, you will ADD skills and confidence. Everyone's projects will look completely different, as they will reflect your personality and color/pattern loves. It is fun to see the variety when you share your projects in our online community!

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Over 5 Decades in the Making

Making things is my jam, and I have been making Contemporary Oshi-e since I learned it over 5 deacades ago! I have taught many students in classroom settings, but now I can share "all the things" with YOU, in your home! That has been a life-long dream of mine, as I think Contemporary Oshi-e is so much fun to do. I hope you click below to get your course...

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