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My Upcoming Book:
Contemporary Oshi-e: An Introduction

All about this book:


When I began to learn traditional oshi-e (oh-she-a), I didn’t even know that was what it was called. I didn’t know my teacher’s name, she was my “Sensei”. I didn’t know how to speak Japanese, and my teacher spoke very little English. I didn’t know how powerfully this technique would affect my art career.


I knew, absolutely, that I did not need anyone’s permission to explore my creativity. I knew that I could ask questions. I knew that once you learn the rules THEN you can stretch (or even break) them. I knew I could almost always adapt and improvise with what I had on hand. I knew I could ask others for help and direction.

NOW, IN 2023 (53 years later)

I am sharing with you all that I have learned, adapted, invented, changed, modified, developed, improvised, explored and changed over the past five decades to create “Contemporary Oshi-e: An Introduction”.

This book provides easy step-by-step instructions, (with companion on-line courses to purchase separately), and leads you through the basics into amazing results on your very first project. No sewing - just glue! No drawing - just copy/trace the provided patterns!

Appropriate for artists, sewists, quilters and hand crafters of any skill level who LOVE playing with fabric. Anyone who has access to a stash of fabric can put that material to work, creating beautifully crafted, quilt-like Contemporary Oshi-e projects. The first lesson is complete in 2-3 hours. Choose your design and fabric colors. Students can revisit each lesson with new choices and experience astonishingly different results. The creative possibilities are limitless.


Number of Pages: 150 (approx.) Full color.

Book Includes:

• A history of Oshi-e and galleries of both the author and student work,

• 7  progressive projects, each building upon the skills learned in the previous projects. 16 full size patterns included.

• Detailed photographs and explanations for every project,

• Ideas for adaptations with each project

• Additional lessons on fabric choices, using embellishments, making your own fabric, and more,

• A full glossary, an index, and a easy to use ”fix-it” guide.

Students will need:

Basic Supplies: scrap fabric, cotton batting, mat board, tissue paper and Aleene’s Original Tacky glue.

Basic tools: fabric and craft scissors, x-acto knife, cutting surface, pencils, paper, pens.

NOTE: Projects take from two to eight hours for the average student to complete.


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