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The Lion Who Changed My Artistic Path!

It was LOVE at first sight! 

The first time I laid my adult eyes on traditional Japanese Oshi-e was in a bank lobby in northern Japan. My husband (#1) and I were in the city while stationed at the adjacent Misawa (US) Air Force Base in the early 1970's.

I waited in the lobby while he went to secure funds to buy a car from a local dealer. When I saw that image, which I later learned was of the adult/parent lion in a famous Kabuki play called "Renjishi" (or The Two Lions), I was stunned by its' regal appearance and brilliant brocade fabrics.

The technique was like nothing I had seen before. I soon heard it called a "padded picture doll". As soon as possible I needed to know HOW to make one for myself.

After several phone calls (by one of the local bilingual secretaries who worked in the office with my husband), the very woman who created the image agreed to come and teach me on a weekly basis.

This began our 18 month-long challenge...

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