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UNCERTAINTY - Does it bother you or inspire you?

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2022

Over the decades, every time I faced a problem for which there was no obvious solution, I had to push into the "realm" of uncertainty for my answers. Trial and error became my method for finding a solution. Ripping things apart and doing them over is not fun, but, in the end, I would solve the issue and move forward. It is not a pretty process, and sometimes my studio floors were littered with scraps and bits of that messy process. But that is what was required. Uncertainty has been my companion throughout my artistic career.

For those of you who will be starting your journey of learning Contemporary Oshi-e with me this October, you will learn to befriend that uncertainty, and push through the "not knowing" how things will turn out. I make a promise that if you put in the effort it takes to try something new and different, you will be quite proud of your results for persevering. Because that is what it takes, perseverance.

I hope you are willing to step past uncertainty and stretch your creative muscles. Contemporary Oshi-e: Basic Course begins Oct. 3 and ends Nov. 6. The weekly pre-recorded lessons arrive in your e-mail inbox every Monday, ready for you to dive in that week's lesson in your own time and at your own pace. There are 5 lessons, which includes 4 oshi-e projects to do: leaves, hearts, irises, lotuses, dragonflies, luna moths and landscapes. What fun. Since every student chooses their own design, fabrics and embellishments, no two will look the same.

Part of the fun is sharing with each other in our weekly LIVE ZOOM gatherings. Here we discover new friends and a great system for support if things get confusing. Uncertainty is approached with LOVE and SUPPORT for each other, and, happy results bring joy when students see themselves actually completing their projects!

I am hoping that YOU decide this is perfect timing for you, and join me in one of my upcoming LIVE  "Behind the Scenes" tours at the end of this month, where I will share all the details about the course and answer your questions. Sign up for the "Tours" begins mid- September, be on the look out for that announcement.

Until then, have fun and embrace the uncertainty in your life as this represents your leap into being a more creative person!



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