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Saying "YES" to Possibilities

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2022

In my life I have always leaned in the direction of YES over NO. I do not know if this is a result of being in a family of clever, creative people who were ALWAYS taking on new projects, or, just my own self-direction. Either way, I have found that YES is richer with amazing opportunities, new friends, new skills and places to be. 

As my second "launch" of my Contemporary Oshi-e: Basic Course nears, I am doing my best to place my course in front of people who, like me, love fabric, making things and trying new things. I am asking them to say YES to the course, and to challenge themselves!

The process for ME means that I must be able to allow them to say NO, and be good with that, if NO is the right answer for them.

Is this rejection? I do not think so. Their NO means it is just not the right "fit" for them. That is not unlike having a piece of art in a juried competition, and finding out that what the juror was looking for was not in alignment with what I presented. Does that mean I am a failure? Not at all! 

Finding people for whom the course IS the right fit, timing, budget, etc. is sometimes a long process. I am continually amazed at how people find me, where they are from in the world, and what their background is. My course now has a life of its own! Each student will put their "stamp" on the oshi-e process, infusing their own unique personality into their new-found art. For them, it is a big YES!

Over time, I have made some pretty huge goals for myself, stretching my YES-ness in many ways. Learning new tech, new systems, and even new mind sets. TO support this endeavor, I have collected a few little phrases and thoughts that I have placed around my computer monitor, and, when my eyes "see" them, I am reminded of my desire to dream BIG:

Get Scrappy!  Calm yourself down, Do it anyway, One thing at a time!, Choose and move on, Worry is a total waste of the imagination, Crisis bears gifts, Be mindful, KISS, and, my fave: Don't worry, be happy!

Next August I will be 75. It is hard to wrap my head around that, because in my head/heart, I am certainly not that old. One of my big goals  by the time I am 75 is to publish a book about my 50-year journey with Contemporary Oshi-e. Next year I intend to have enough completed to begin the design/publish process. YES to that!

So if I can say YES to keep exploring possibilities in my life, maybe you can too?! I hope to see YOU saying YES to my course!






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